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Windsurfing Lake Trasimeno

Lake Trasimeno discovered water sports many years ago thanks to windsurfing.

Have you ever tried this sport?

After about an hour of theoretical lesson it is possible to immediately move on to practice, and surf on the water pushed by the wind.

It is not necessary to have previous experience with other water sports. Initially the boards are very wide, and then move towards narrower models and larger sails.

The basic board has a fin, and a central daggerboard for beginner boards. These are critical to direction and stability.

By subscribing to the club, insurance coverage for this discipline is included, and you can use our windsurfing equipment to have fun (in safety) on Lake Trasimeno.

Are there the ideal conditions for windsurfing on Lake Trasimeno?

Especially in summer it is possible to windsurf every day, thanks to the thermal wind which blows every evening at sunset. From our spot in San Feliciano, it is therefore possible to have fun windsurfing with one of the most beautiful and sought-after sunsets in Europe, making the experience even more magical.

Contact us with a whatsapp message to find out the availability of the boards and if the conditions are ideal for going out. Aloha!