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It’s definitely one of the most interesting activities of our club. Our jetboard is a carbon surfboard, and the engine consists of two 100% electric hydrojet engines.

Glide across the water, in total safety, escorted by a support boat. 

The battery lasts from 30 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on the rider’s capacity and weight.


What equipment do you need?

When we talk about Jetboard we still talk about "extreme sports", as exceeded a certain speed, the sudden impact with the water is not very pleasant. So it’s very important to wear the right equipment.

The areas to be protected most are torso and head. During the experience it will therefore be mandatory to wear a life jacket and helmet. During the winter, spring and autumn seasons it is good to also have a wetsuit. All the material you can rent from us at no extra cost.

Is hard to stand up?

Having already experience with board sports will certainly help you, but this does not exclude that it is not suitable for those approaching water activities for the first time.

The instructor will follow you step by step, correcting every detail in order to make you enjoy the thrust of the two engines to the maximum

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