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Trekking Trasimeno Lake



Excursions - Trekking to Trasimeno and Umbria with Martina Stortini

Trekking in Umbria with Martina.

​Hi everyone, my name is Martina Stortini and I am an Environmental Hiking Guide.

For some years I have been accompanying individuals or groups of people to discover the natural beauties of the places where I live. I believe that no one like someone who really lives and loves a place can show it with the right eyes to those who arrive there for the first time or to those who want to rediscover it!

So let's abandon the hectic everyday life, prepare our trekking shoes, put on layered clothes and go get lost in these wonders! The nature of Trasimeno awaits us!

I have a good amount of experience to offer you, it just depends on your tastes and my availability, basically the sooner you contact me and the better it is also because I can customize the Tour according to the needs you have to expose me!

It doesn't matter how old you are, or what country you're from....

We can walk together speaking in Italian, English or Spanish.

We can walk a stone's throw from the waters of Trasimeno, or between white streets, olive groves and country estates.

We can walk among saffron plantations, green streets until we get to an Abbey.

We can walk the number of km you think is right for your possibilities.

What is certain is that at the end of each Camino tiredness will not weigh, we will be happy with the beauty that we have crossed with our own strength and if we want, once the excursion is over, we will also have good food with which to recharge our energies.