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Canoa - Kayak Trasimeno Lake


Historical activity for Lake Trasimeno, easy to learn and among the most fun.

In our center, open 'sit on top' kayaks are available, fun, easy, and suitable for everyone.


Guaranteed fun!

Our kayaks are all very voluminous, this makes the vehicle more stable and lighter on the water. They are perfect for those who have no experience with this activity, and an instructor will give you all the necessary information before leaving. Even with moderate wind it is possible to make excursions in safety and fun.


Are they good for children?

Followinf the terms of our association, it is forbidden up on kayaks childrens under 4 years old, but you can still have fun with the all yuor family thanks to our 2+2 kayaks. They have a total of 4 seats, two for adults + two additional central seats for children.




Discover Polvese Island

Polvese Island is the largest of the three islands in the park of Lake Trasimeno (the others: Isola Maggiore and Isola Minore).

Our beach is located on the nearest point to reach it, in fact it takes only 30 minutes of rowing, and once landed is not want to explore it all. 

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